A Fairy Door | Forest School

A Fairy Door | Forest School

We found a Fairy at Forest School today!

Learning through play at Forest School encourages children to use their imagination and explore their surroundings. Forest School is a fantastic way for children to enhance their senses; there are so many smells, things to touch, paths for them to explore and animals to listen out for! We cannot stress the importance of connecting children to nature.

  • No plastic
  • No electronics
  • No mess

These are just a few of the advantages of playing outdoors!

A forest can be an enchanting place, where children can explore their imagination. Today we took The Magic Door Store idea into our local Forest School and the children built their own fairy doors and elf doors using the natural materials the outdoors had to offer. We all had the most magical time, telling fairy-tales and looking out for signs that fairies had visited the forest. The children loved creating their own fairy doors and it was a fantastic hands-on learning through play activity.

Natural fairy doors can be created in the garden, or the beach too – we would love you to share some of your fairy-tales with us!

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