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Hop Little Bunny

Usually our fairies and elves prefer to leave handwritten notes and gifts from the garden outside our Fairy Door and Elf Door instead of sweet treats.

Fairy Door

But this time of year is always an exception! Our Easter Bunny hops through our Yellow Fairy Door every Easter to visit us, leaving behind a few edible treats. We thought that these Easter Cookies looked particularly yummy for this years' gift.

 Fairy Door


To encourage our creativity the Easter Bunny will also be leaving some of these 'Paint Your Own Easter Eggs' for us to decorate our home with. Available in our store now.

Then of course there are ideas on how to decorate your own front door for Easter. We love this idea. It's like Mary Poppins has just blown in! 

Fairy Door


These ideas and more are shared on our Pinterest boards - click here to browse them.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!


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