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Dear Fairy Mary!

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Once your Fairy Door and Elf Doors are installed, it is time to unlock your imagination and give your little visitors a name.

We are regularly visited by three little fairies, who fly into our home through their Yellow Magic Door; Lexie, Daisy and Boo.

Lexie is the oldest and most sensible fairy. Daisy is the fastest flyer with very messy hair. Boo is the baby one who collects teeth to make into beautiful necklaces.

Who are your fairies and what are their names? These are the most popular Fairy Names: 



And for the some Elf inspiration:

fairy door


To choose your fairy name you could also visit http://fairy.namegeneratorfun.com

You can read all about these fairies and elves in our books - The Magic Door Fairy and Elf Book.

Please do let us know who your fairies and elves are and what they get up to when no one is looking! 

The Magic Door Store xxx


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