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Fairy Doors from The Magic Door Store — Green Door

A Leprechaun take-over on St. Patrick's Day.

Elf Doors elf on the shelf Fairy Doors Green Door kindness elves Leprechaun Leprechaun trap St Patrick's Day

A Leprechaun take-over on St. Patrick's Day.

On 17th March the little Leprechauns are known to visit and wreak havoc in our homes - serving green milk at breakfast, drawing rainbows on the car windows and even turning the water in the toilet GREEN! In many homes traps have been set to catch this little green man before too much damage has been done! We have spotted some truly amazing designs for Leprechaun Traps this year. Many of the best are featured here: Leprechaun Take-over But what if your trap doesn't work and the Leprechaun escapes? This could be why: To order your Leprechaun Door and sprinkle...

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