Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

It’s not Christmas without one of our miniature wreaths to accessorise your magic door!

Christmas is a very important time for the elves, so now is the time to put your Elf door up if you haven’t already done so.

The elves are travelling too and from the North Pole and will be coming and going through their magic door. Keep an eye out for white snowy footprints left by the elves, or perhaps a teeny tiny hat has fallen from an elf’s head in their rush to get to the North Pole.

Enhance the magic of your elf door with our miniature Christmas trees, magic footprints, and Christmas wreath. Our magic doors also come with a teeny tiny pot of magic dust to sprinkle magic everywhere!

Take a look at our Instagram page ‘themagicdoorstore’ for elf door tutorials and ideas… please feel free to share your pictures with us too!

Here at the Magic Door Store we are busy busy busy sending out magic doors!

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