Happy Halloween Fairy Door

Happy Halloween Fairy Door

The fairies and elves like to have some spooky Halloween fun too! Create a Halloween scene with your magic door to encourage the fairies and elves to come out to play. Will there be a TRICK or TREAT waiting outside your fairy door or elf door?

It is a great family day out to pick your own pumpkin. It is also a wonderful outdoor activity and learning experience for the children to understand how they are grown and that they are not only used for decoration on Halloween, but are also a nutritious food source.

Did you know? Squirrels enjoy eating pumpkins.. instead of throwing your used pumpkin in the bin, perhaps you could leave it in a wood near you for the squirrels to enjoy? This will help them through the winter months and helps reduce waste.

Pumpkins come in all different shapes, sizes and colours – so don’t forget to pick a teeny tiny pumpkin for your little fairy friends and leave outside their magic door.

Why not search a local pumpkin patch near you. Perhaps you could have a go at growing your own pumpkin with the leftover seeds and surprise your fairy friends next year!



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