How to: Set up a home for your Fairy Door & Elf Door

How to: Set up a home for your Fairy Door & Elf Door

Frequently asked questions & answers on how to set up your magic door:

What is a Magic Door? Our doors provide a magical entrance for the fairies and elves to come and go from your home.

What is included with your Magic Door? Your Magic Door comes with some putty to fix your Elf Door or Fairy Door to the wall, and a fairy-sized bottle of Magic Dust.

What age is My Magic Door suitable for? It is difficult to answer this question as our doors are not a toy, but a decorative item to encourage imaginative learning. Each child is individual and whereas some children may grow out of the idea of fairy tales early on, others may choose to continue to ‘believe’ well into their adult hood. Therefore a flexible approach to whom our magic doors are suitable to is advised.

Where do I fix My Magic Door? A piece of ‘putty’ come with each Elf Door, Fairy Door and Explorer Door. We advise using the putty as it means you can fix and move the door as many times as you wish. Pictured above we have fixed our red door on top of the skirting board, but you could fix to another door or perhaps by the fireplace or even outside in the garden.

What accessories are available? Our Magic Miniatures are a wonderful way to accessorise and individualise each fairy door, elf door or explorer door. We stock a ‘Magic Bench’, ‘Magic Stepladder’, ‘Magic Footprints’, ‘Magic Mail’, ‘Magic Dust’ and a miniature wreath and Christmas tree for the festive season. All accessories are miniature size to look perfect alongside your fairy door or elf door. We are always updating our social media accounts to give you ideas.

What colours are available? We currently stock a red door, pink door, yellow door, purple door, blue door and a grey ‘sparkly’ door. Watch this space for a black door next year!

Which packaging should I choose?

My Christmas Elf Door is the perfect door for the festive season, the packaging includes Santa, snowflakes, an elf, a sleigh and a Christmas tree. At £20 it makes a wonderful and unusual gift or stocking filler. Or perhaps you could purchase one for the advent count and use alongside your ‘Elf on the Shelf’.

My Explorer Door (new) is designed to encourage tales of adventure in the sea or mountains and exploring outer space. It pictures a compass, rocket, wigwams, and a human explorer. Perfect for a young explorer with a wild imagination, keen to travel the world and outer space – to infinity and beyond!

My Fairy Door is our original door. The packaging features butterflies, stars and a magic tree.

We hope to have answered your questions, now to Set up your own magic door at home:

  1. Purchase a Magic Doors
  2. Attach door to your preferred wall/door/skirting board or garden.
  3. Accessorise your door with any of our magic miniatures, or anything you have at home. (We often make fairy sized items out of play-doh
  4. Set the scene: Encourage the child to leave a tooth outside the door for the Tooth Fairy to visit. Leave some Magic Dust footprints outside the door, or some talcum powder footsteps to show the elves have visited the North Pole. Kindness elves, mischievous elves, fairies and space men… UNLOCK YOUR IMAGINATION


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