Our Fairies

We are regularly visited by three little fairies, who fly into our home through their Yellow Magic Door; Lexie, Daisy and Boo.

Lexie is the oldest and most sensible fairy. Daisy is the fastest flyer with very messy hair. Boo is the baby one who collects teeth to make into beautiful necklaces.

You can read all about these fairies in our book – The Magic Fairy Door.

Fairy Facts:

You can sprinkle Magic Dust to attract the fairies and elves through your Magic Door or place the little dust bottle next to your Magic Door and allow them to sprinkle some on their next visit.

In some places, one or two fairies are in charge of visiting all of the houses in the whole street. It might not be possible for your fairies to visit you every night – they have lots of children to check on.

Fairies can not fly when it is too windy. Sometimes their Magic Door even gets a little stuck and they can’t open it. A small note or picture should entice them back.

Sorry but the fairies and elves certainly do not visit untidy bedrooms.

They love to snack on raisins and Cheerios so perhaps leave some out tonight and see what happens.

Unlock your child’s imagination and ask them to tell you about their fairy and elf friends…we’d love to hear all about them. Please email us: info@themagicdoorstore.com