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The Story behind the door

Sarah opened The Magic Door Store 4 years ago and here is the story behind the door!

Sarah's career as an Event Manager was put on hold when she became a mum. She realised that living with two small children meant she was spending much more time creating magical worlds of make-believe for them and their friends than she was creating corporate events in London...and was having way more fun doing it!

As a child, Sarah always loved to hunt for fairies at the bottom of the garden. It was this love of all things magical that Sarah was keen to pass onto her own children.

As Rosie and Oscar have grown, so has their fascination with fairies and the elves in the garden. One winter’s day the bottom of the garden just seemed too cold and far away, to go looking for fairies.

But could it be possible that the fairy folk had crept inside to stay warm, and were hiding in secret corners indoors? Magically one night a beautiful fairy door appeared in Rosie's bedroom. Then, of course, Oscar had to have his special door too – My Elf Door!